Asian Invasion 05/12/2014


Tonight we’re playing songs to celebrate spring and those women in our lives who do everything, our mothers!  From Japan, Korea to China, Mongolia to the Middle East, we’ll hear a wide variety of music from all throughout Asia!

Hala Turk & Mashael حلا الترك ومشاعل – “I Love You Mama / بنيتي الحبوبة”
Dynamic Duo – “어머니의 된장국 / Mom’s Dweonjang Soup (feat. Ra.D)”
Soda Green – “一千座喷泉 / 1000 Fountains”
Louie – “산책 / Walk (feat. Crucial Star)”
Park Hyekyung 박혜경 – “레몬 트리/ Lemon Tree”
Kim Yeon-Woo 김연우 – “꽃보다 남자 / Boys Over Flowers”
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 – “花蝴蝶 / Butterfly”
Kara – “하니 / Honey”
Love X Stereo – “Seoul City (Soul City)”
7 Princess – “Love Song”
RSP – “さくら~あなたに出会えてよかった~ / Cherry Blossoms~I’m Glad that I Met U~”
S.H.E – “花都开好了 / Flowers Have Blossomed”
Hirahara Ayaka 平原綾香 – “はじまりの風 / The Wind of Beginnings”

Richie Ren 贤齐 – “春天花会开 / Flowers Will Blossom in Spring”
SWEETY – “樱花草 / Primrose”
Kuraki Mai 倉木麻衣 – “Time After Time~花舞う街で~ / Time After Time~On the Street of Whirling Cherry Blossoms~”
Busker Busker – “소나기 (주르르루) / Showers”
Teresa Teng 邓丽君 – “国の春 / Spring in the North”
Soda Green – “ / Amusement”
Akdong Musician – “200%”
alan – “ / The Call”
T-ara – “Roly Poly”
My Three Precious吉祥三 – “春天来了! / Spring is Coming!”
Uudam 梦中的额吉– “梦中的额吉 / Mom in My Dream”
Uhm Jung Hwa – “ / Spring”
Nakashima Mika 中島みか – “桜色舞うころ / When the Color of Cherry Blossom Flutters”
Romantic Wandering Band – “ / Spring”
Steve Chou 传雄 – “花香 / Fragrance of Flowers”

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