Torch and Twang 4/29/14

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Torch and Twang is here to help you through finals week! Four hours of the best Americana in Lansing, featuring the music of The Howlin’ Brothers, Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison, Dave Alvin and more.


Link Wray- Rawhide- T&T Intro

Old 97s- This is the Ballad- Most Messed Up

Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers- Nothin’- Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers

I Draw Slow- All Souls- White Wave Chapel

Ocean Carolina- Don’t Break You’re Promise- All the Way Home

The Baseball Project- They Played Baseball- 3rd

Cold Satellite- Cavalcade- Cavalcade

Sarah Jean Kelley- I Got A Man- The Waiting Place

Girls Guns and Glory- All the Way Up to Heaven- Good Luck

Andrew Bird- Eyeoneye- Break it Yourself

Nathaniel Rateliff- Nothing to Show For- Falling Faster Than You Can Run

The Tattletale Saints- Kathleen- How Red is the Blood

The Paper Kites- Gates- States

Josh Ritter- Hold Me in Your Arms Awhile- The Beast in its Tracks

Noah Gundersen- Boat House- Ledges

Drive-By Truckers- Made Up English Oceans- English Oceans

Sturgill Simpson- A Little Light- Metamodern Sounds in Country Music

Chris Weaver Band- Raise the Dead- American Dreamer

Yonder Mountain String Band & Benny Galloway- Pride of Alabama- Old Hands

Elison Jackson- No Tomorrow- Do Not Fear To Kill A Dead Man

Gifts or Creatures- Relicts & Ghosts- Yesteryear Western Darkness

Jason Isbell- Outfit- Live from Alabama

Nathan Alan- For The Wolves- Looking For Tomorrow, Today

Old Man Luedecke- I’m Fine (I Am, I Am)- Tender Is The Night

Shovel and Rope- O’Be Joyful- O’ Be Joyful

Emmylou Harris- Home Sweet Home- Hard Bargain

Wayne Hancock- Ride- Ride

St. Paul & The Broken Bones- Call Me- Half the City

Doug Mains & the City Folk- Come On Brothers- The Mountain’s King

Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott- Fiddler Jones- Memories and Moments

Joshua Radin- Underwater- Underwater

Over The Rhine- Called Home- Meet Me At The Edge Of The World

New Music:

The Howlin’ Brothers- Pour it Down- Trouble

The Howlin’ Brothers- Boogie- Trouble

The Howlin’ Brothers- Night and Day- Trouble

The Howlin’ Brothers- Troubled Waltz- Trouble

The Howlin’ Brothers- Love- Trouble

Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison- Motor City Man- Our Year

Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison- Lonely For You- Our Year

Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison- A Hangin On- Our Year

Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison- Shake Yourself Loose- Our Year

Red June- Ancient Dreams- Ancient Dreams

Red June- Saddle Up, My Son- Ancient Dreams

Red June- I Saw You In August- Ancient Dreams

Red June- I Still Wait- Ancient Dreams

Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin- All By Myself- Play and Sing the Songs of Big Billy Broonzy

Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin- Southern Food Blus- Play and Sing the Songs of Big Billy Broonzy

Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin- Tomorrow- Play and Sing the Songs of Big Billy Broonzy

Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin- Just a Dream- Play and Sing the Songs of Big Billy Broonzy

End of New Music

Holly Williams- My Love- Let Us In

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors- Tennessee- Good Light

Nickel Creek- You Don’t Know What’s Going On- A Dotted Line

David Ramirez- Chapter II- Apologies

Seasick Steve- Write Me A Few Lines- Blue Records

Buxter Hoot’n- Kids Those Days- Na Na Na

Cory Branan- The Corner- Mutt

The Wayfaring Strangers- This Train- This Train

M. Ward- Vincent O’Brien- Transfiguration of Vincent

Caleb Groh- Rigid Ravine- Bottomless Coffee

William Elliott Whitmore- Don’t Need It- Field Songs

Waco Brothers- Come a Long Long Way- Freedom and Weep

The Gentleman Callers- Something Like You- Hand-Me Down Songs

American Princes- Real Love- Other People

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