Pity Party Playlist – 4/23/2014

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Pity Party Playlist – 4/23/2014

Glocca Morra – Kaspar Hauser Lied

The Sidekicks – Peacock

Reggie and the Full Effect – Congratulations Smack + Kay

Boys Night Out – Waking

Special Explosion – every shade of green

Good Luck – Decider

Braid – American Typewriter

Prawn – Why You Always Leave a Note

Secret Grief – I Thought That You Would Change

Donovan Wolfington – Love is Natural

Mineral – Gloria

The Menzingers – Bad Things

Tigers Jaw – I Saw Water

Cloud Nothings – Just See Fear

Dismemberment Plan – The City

The Hotelier – Your Deep Rest

Tancred – The Ring

The Fever Haze – Leave Me To Wait

Manchester Orchestra – Cope

No Knife – Academy Fight Song

Fugazi – Waiting Room

Sorority Noise – Still Shrill

Saosin – Translating the Name

Touche Amore – Harbor

Old Gray – Coventry

La Dispute – Scenes from Highways 1981-2009

The Jazz June – Death From Above

Pity Sex – Hole Away

Run, Forever – Headlights

Turnover – Wither

Rainer Maria – The Contents Of Lincoln’s Pockets

Joie De Vivre – At Least I Tried

Dads – Adam’s Song (blink-182 cover)

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