Is multitasking bad for us?


As students are approaching Exam week, they find themselves studying, catching up on work, figuring out summer plans, subleasing apartments and well…multitasking. Our reporter, Sarah Torrico delved into the topic of multitasking to understand its impact on our lives.

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  1. Jakki Richardson on

    This is a very insightful and thought provoking topic. We are an extremely electronic generation which allows us to acquire much more information very quickly. However, I sometimes feel that we are not developing our own opinions and beliefs, we are merely parroting information from someone else. Are we losing some of our own analytical skills by not solving problems with a more hands-on approach one idea at a time. Brainstorming with humans without a search engine may not be so bad….it might just give us better skills to compromise and comunicate with others, which would ultimately create less division. Should we not occasionally try to leave the electronics off for a bit and concentrate on one thing at a time?
    Incidentally, I am a great fan of Robby Richardson!

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