Thee Hourz O’ Power – 4/17/2014

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Electricjezus – Корм

The Swill – The Void and The Vision

Scorpions – Temple of the King (Rainbow cover)

Amiensus – Arise

Oak Pantheon – A Gathering

Kauan – Lumikuuro

Loinen – Portto

Morgue of Saints – Necropolis (City of the Dead)


Rainbow – Long Live Rock N’ Roll

Cynic – The Lion’s Roar

King Crimson – Sleepless

Ludicra – Stagnant Pond

Mourning Wolf – Elmhaven Part II

Benighted – Spit

Kever – Desolation of Mankind

Gamma Ray – Empire of the Undead

Brainstorm – Erased by the Dark

Ironwood – The Tree

Abest – The Fall


Cormorant – Eris

Cormorant – Daughter of Void

Cormorant – Sold as a Crow

Cormorant – Waking Sleep

Cormorant – The Pythia

Cormorant – Broken Circle

Cormorant – Mark the Trail

Cormorant – A Sovereign Act


Conan – Crown of Talons

Verlies – Nouvelle

Locktender – The Man with the Broken Nose

Ghost Bath – Torment

Thou – Free Will

Colosso – Abrasive Peace


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