The Basement – 3/13/14

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This week on The Basement we had some awesome bands come in and talk about upcoming albums and shows, including the young and talented Accidentals and the increasingly prominent folk-inspired Crane Wives. We also played alot of awesome stuff, from artists playing shows soon. The Playlist is listed below:

The Plurals – Crush ** The Loft 3/19

Breathe Owl Breathe – House of Gold ** The Pyramid Scheme 4/19

The Devils Cut – Rustbelt Blues ** The Avenue 4/2

Secret Grief – My Birthday in Lansing **CotTC (lansing) 3/15

The Hard Lessons – Milk and Sugar ** Macs Bar 4/10

Small Parks – Meet Me in Cognito

Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers – Ego Loss on Grand River Ave. ** Macs Bar 3/21-22

~Interview with The Accidentals ~ ** Show at The Flint Local 3/14

Three Cents Short – Two Bangerz ** Magic Stick 4/20

Flint Eastwood – Billy The Kid ** Macs Bar 4/12

~Interview with The Crane Wives ~ ** Show at Macs Bar 3/14

Thanks to both bands for coming in and talking



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