The Basement 3/6/14

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Tonight on The Basement we heard from a couple of bands including 2 high school outfits Buddy and Bike and Cicades. Along with local staples Dizzy Dearest both talking about upcoming shows at Macs Bar.

Heres the playlist from tonight’s show:

The Peoples Temple – The Surf ** Macs Bar – 3/8

Small Parks – Parallel Thoughts ** Macs Bar – 3/7

Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers -What It Feels Like to Drown ** Macs Bar – 3/21-22

Jake Simmons and the Little Ghosts – Them (In These Hands) Macs Bar – 3/7

Rez Publica – In Mind

~Interview with Buddy and Bike~ Show at Macs Bar 3/14

~Interview with Dizzy Dearest~ Show at Macs Bar 3/8 and 3/18

Thanks to both bands for coming on!


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