Album Spotlight: Hollow & Akimbo

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Here’s a review of Ann Arbor duo Hollow & Akimbo’s debut self-titled LP, written by Impact Music Review team member Alex Grein.

Let’s set the scene for this album. The genres are indie rock, dream pop, and experimental. Think of The Strokes combining with The xx and Passion Pit to make a seriously good album. Hollow & Akimbo have done an excellent job of adding a new and dynamic sound to a genre that is filled with uninteresting static artists. Not only do most of their songs start out as heavy hitters, they are constantly changing the style of things and finding ways to keep your interest. Every so often, a slow song like “Door to Another World” will be introduced which will change the pace of the album temporarily, before going back into an impressive climax. Also, all of the songs on the album are fairly long, the average length being about 4:30. I don’t know what else I can say about this album other than that I loved it!

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