Thee Hourz O’ Power – 1/30/2014

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Angra – Angels and Demons

Skull Fist – Call of the Wild

Wülfhook – Tormentor

Black Sabbath – Snowblind

Cradle of Filth – A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for the Devil’s Whore)

Boreworm – Clandestine

Bolt Thrower – Final Revelation

Lifelover – M/S Salmonella

Sauron – Satanic Assassins

Sacrifice – Re-Animation

Vardan – Luciferian Assault


Dark Psychosis – Astronomy Domine

Apostolum – Debris of Perception

Drudkh – Ashes

Drudkh – Tam Gdzie Gasnie Dzien (Sacrilegium cover)

Cynic – The Lion’s Roar

Iced Earth – Democide

Vulture Industries – The Tower

Rychus Syn – Speeding Death

Aghora – Existence


Culted – Brooding Hex

Culted – Illuminati

Culted – Intoxicant Immuration

Culted – March of the Wolves

Culted – Distortion of the Nature of Mankind

Culted – Transmittal

Culted – Jeremiad


Anata – I Would Dream of Blood

At the Gates – Kingdom Gone

Blut aus Nord – The Forsaken Voices of the Ghostwood’s Shadowy Realm

Razor – The Marshall Arts

Church of Misery – El Topo

Count Raven – The Final Journey

Behemoth – Lucifer

Bal-Sagoth – The Obsidian Crown Unbound

Xasthur – Screaming at Forgotten Fears



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