Impact Broadcast Signal Update

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Hello Impact lovers and listeners alike!

The past month has been a rough patch for you, as well as the 200+ MSU students that make 88.9 your favorite radio station. As you may know, our broadcast signal strength has been greatly reduced since early December due to weather damage to our transmitter wire. Since our last update we have gotten our damaged equipment evaluated, and have hired a crew to begin repairs on our transmitter permitting weather. Though we are not back on-air yet, this is a major step forward in the process to getting there. Impact hopes to be back at full strength in time for our 25th Birthday Celebration Concert on February 20th with The Soul & The Sun alongside Flint Eastwood. We have a lot of surprises to unveil in appreciation to our fans for 25 years of listening, so please hold tight as Impact looks to come back better than ever!

Samuel Riddle,
Station Manager

3 Responses to Impact Broadcast Signal Update
  1. chilly Reply

    Straight up waitin!!!

  2. rbbbbbb Reply

    Missin my IMPACT shows!

  3. JW Reply

    Thanks for the update, this is going to make my commutes in Grand Ledge seem much quicker.

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