The Basement 1/16/14

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Had a great time playing local jams for all of you tonight! Hopefully the stations signal will be back to full power soon so everyone who wants to, can tune in. Have a great 4 day weekend, and go make it out to a show!

Here’s the playlist from tonight:

The Plurals – Crush

Josh David and the Dream Jeans – Fox in the Henhouse

The Hat Madder – Beautiful Thing

Elliot Street Lunatic – The Modern World

Breathe Owl Breathe – Swimming

Mustard Plug – Box

The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle – Goin’ back to Michigan

Wayne Szalinski – A Study in Perspective

The Devils Cut – Highwater Chevy

The Finer Things – Basement Girl

The Hard Lessons – It Bleeds

Flint Eastwood – Billy the Kid

Simien the Whale – Re-Energized in a Man’s Life

Alaska – Lucid Delusion

Mr. Denton on Doomsday – Conductor Suicide

Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers – Ego Loss on Grand River

PK Fire – The Flood Came

Decades – Tear You Up

Small Brown Bike – Hourglass

Matt Wixon’s Flying Circus – Let’s Get Sick

Peoples Temple – Sons of Stone

Gifts Or Creatures – Mail from the Wescott

Res Publica – Starfish

The Soil and the Sun – On the Mountain

Lights and Caves – Carry Me Home

The Whiskey Pickers – Ingham County Blues

American Mars – Long Walk Home

Flatfoot – Ode to a Macs Bar Waitress







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