Thee Hourz O’ Power Top 13 of 2013!

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Cult of Luna – (The One) I: The Weapon

Mortillery – Cease to Exist

U.D.O. – A Cry of a Nation

Stratovarius – Nemesis

Demon Lung – Eyes of Zamiel

Ghost – Depth of Satan’s Eyes

Corsair – Gryphon Wing

Havok – I Am The State

Volbeat – Room 24 (feat. King Diamond)


Amon Amarth – Father of the Wolf

Gloryhammer – The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee

Lonewolf – Dragonriders

Kvelertak – Trepan

Helloween – Nabataea

Coven 13 – Elfstone

Inquisition – Darkness Flows Toward Unseen Horizons

Motörhead – Death Machine

Saxon – Sacrifice

Immolation – A Spectacle of Lies

Hypocrisy – Tales of Thy Spineless

Death Angel – Son of the Morning

Satan’s Host – Cor Malifecus – Heart of Evil


Autopsy – When Hammer Meets Bone

Tarja – Victim of Ritual

Exhumed – (So Passes) The Glory of Death

Ihsahn – Hilber

Brutus – Personal Riot

Darkthrone – Valkyrie

Chastain – Stand Up and Fight!

Power Trip – Manifest Decimation

Summoning – The White Tower

Kings Destroy – Stormbreak


Children of Bodom – Waste of Skin

Necrophobic – (Womb of Lilithu) Splendour Nigri Solis

Speedtrap – Ready to Strike

Scale the Summit – Atlas Novus

Carcass – The Master Butcher’s Apron

Voivod – Mechanical Mind

Cloud Rat – Inkblot

Dream Theater – (False Awakening) Enemy Inside

James LaBrie – Agony

Black Sabbath – Age of Reason

Suffocation – As Grace Descends

In no particular order! Our Top 13 of 2013!

Inquisition “Obscure Verses for the Multiverse”
Cult of Luna “Vertikal”
Kvelertak “Meir”
Summoning “Old Mornings Dawn”
Stratovarius “Nemesis”
Darkthrone “Underground Resistance”
Exhumed “Necrocracy”
Satan’s Host “Virgin Sails”
Necrophobic “Womb of Lilithu”
Carcass “Surgical Steel”
Corsair “Self-Titled”
Immolation “Kingdom of Conspiracy”
Amon Amarth “Deceiver of the Gods”

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