The Basement – 12/26/13

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miWith the end of December strolling through, this will be the last Basement of the year, and I look forward to moving the show forward onto 2014! Here is the playlist from the show tonight.

Wilson – Snake Eyes

Way To Fall -

Against The Grain – Surrounded By Snakes

The Suicide Machines – Ghost on Sunset Blvd.

Frontier Ruckus – The Latter Days

Chinese Baseball – Pockets

The Tosspints – Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya

Continental – Wrecking Ball

Hijinx – The Times We Haven’t Had

The Devils Cut – Caroline

Three Cents Short – Two Banger!

Citizen Smile – Keepsakes

Stay Awake – Another Day in Paradise

Flatfoot – Grown Up Man

Simien the Whale – Re-Energized in a Man’s Life

Ailat – My Angel

Mustard Plug – The All Nighter

The Peoples Temple – Nevermore

Bear Vs. Shark – Bloodgiver

Res Publica – Africa

Mr Denton On Doomsday – Two Pills

The Ramblers – Ride This Storm

The Hard Lessons – It Bleeds

The Plurals – Crush

The Ragbirds – Following You

Lights and Caves – Carry Me Home

The Outer Vibe – Hoka Hey

American Mars – Anna Marie

Good Day Good Sir – Sister

Of Virtue – The Greatest Height




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