Top Eight Unfortunate Social Media Phrases of 2013

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Our arsenal of apps and sites grows daily, and our vocabulary grows with it. To move Impact 89FM’s end of the year lists along, Exposure host Abbie Newton breaks down eight of the most common phrases we’ve heard this year in regards to the media that connects (or tethers) us all together.

8. “Wait, do I follow you on Instagram?”
This phrase was most frequently said by two foodies having a photogenic lunch together.

7. “I am so going to retweet that!”
Thanks. If only apps had some sort of notification feature…

6. “Hashtag ….”
The ironic thing about the IRL hashtag is that it trended worldwide.

5. “Is that another Buzzfeed article on Facebook?”
Would it be Facebook 2013 if there weren’t Buzzfeed articles?

4. “Shoot. This tweet is 143 characters.”
There is no worse feeling than realizing in the middle of composing a tweet that you’re not going to have enough characters. (This caption was 16 characters under, by the way)

3. “I am adding that to My Story!”
Most frequently said by drunk people at 2:30am who forgot that they’re friends with their mom, aunt, and 8 year old cousin on SnapChat.

2. “That is definitely Twitter worthy.”
Just remember that the Library of Congress archives every tweet, so when you’re saying something’s twitter worthy, you’re also saying that it’s worthy of the Library of Congress.

“1. Did he Screenshot my SnapChat?”
download (2)
Before SnapChat, compliments were incapable of being creepy.

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