Thee Hourz O’ Power – 12/12/2013 Typhoid Mary’s last show!

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Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime

Overkill – Hello From the Gutter

Testament – Trial By Fire

Chastain – Call of the Wild

Raven – Tyrant of the Airways

Rainbow – Stargazer

Jag Panzer – Harder than Steel

Saxon – Denim and Leather

Twilight of the Gods – The End of History

Judas Priest – Victim of Changes (live)


Anthrax – Lone Justice

Slayer – South of Heaven

Onslaught – (New World Order) Chaos is King

Death Angel – Son of the Morning

Inquisition – Spiritual Plasma Evocation

Angel Witch – Angel of Death

Riot – Fire Down Under

Anvil – Metal on Metal

Motörhead – Heartbreaker

Municipal Waste – Intro/Deathripper

D.R.I. – No Religion

Cronian – Cold Wave Eruption


Convulse – We Kill Our Kind

Convulse – Unholy War

Convulse – World Downfall

Convulse – God Is Delusion

Convulse – Evil Prevails

Convulse – Days Are Dark

Convulse – Reborn in Chaos

Convulse – Oceans of Dust

Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

Diamond Plate – Walking Backwards

Exhumed – (So Passes) The Glory of Death

Metal Church – Beyond the Black


Exodus – Strike of the Beast

Exivious – Entrust

Diamond Head – The Prince

Annihilator – (Crystal Ann) Alison Hell

Kreator – Riot of Violence

Destruction – Bestial Invasion

Sodom – Baptism of Fire

Sepultura – Mass Hypnosis

Dethklok – Biological Warfare

Tankard – Thrash ‘till Death

Dark Angel – Never to Rise Again

Bulldozer – Desert!

Hellhammer – Maniac


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