Impact 89FM

WDBM-FM 88.9 East Lansing, MI

Student Radio at Michigan State University

The Basement – 12/12/13

Thanks all for tuning in! We say goodbye to Kyle tonight and welcome in our new host! Thanks to Jason Alarm and Wayne Szalinski for coming in and making it a great time.

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Jamaican Queens – Water

Fawn – Hip Parade

Selfish Tears – Homebound

The White Stripes – Rag & Bone

Jason Alarm – Your Radio

Jason Alarm – Doppleganger

Jason Alarm – Pretty Lips

Jason Alarm – Cobras

Wayne Szalinski – Sweetness

Wayne Szalinski – Two and Two

Wayne Szalinski – Some Collagist (Acoustic)

Brave Bird – Whittle Down the Days

The Silent Years – Aisleways

Natively Foreign – The Forest

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) – I Swim Like A Minnow

The Rival – Chisel

Mike Mains & the Branches – In the Night

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