Impact 89FM’s Broadcast Signal Strength Temporarily at Minimal Power

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East Lansing, Mich – On December 11th, 2013, an issue with the Impact 89fm (88.9 WDBM-FM) transmission system caused the main transmitter shutdown during the evening broadcast. Upon inspection by the chief engineer, it was determined that the problem was not with the transmitter itself, but with the transmission line leading to the transmitter. The chief engineer was able to get one of Impact 89FM’s transmitters to power on and broadcast at a significantly reduced power. We continue to broadcast at this reduced power setting until the system can be evaluated and repaired.

Because of the holiday timing and subsequent severe weather, we have been unable to have a consulting team come in to evaluate the system. A team is scheduled to arrive on January 9th to assess the equipment and give an evaluation of necessary repairs.

“Once we have the equipment evaluated, we can take the next step towards getting back to full power,” said Ed Glazer, General Manager for WDBM (Impact 89FM). “The one positive to come out of this situation has been the overwhelming support from our fans. We look forward to getting the music flowing at full power as soon as possible..”

Impact WDBM-89FM is the student-run radio station at Michigan State University in East Lansing, and is available to be streamed online at Located in Holden Hall, Impact 89FM hosts more than a dozen shows and has over 100 DJs and staff.

14 Responses to Impact 89FM’s Broadcast Signal Strength Temporarily at Minimal Power
  1. Dan Reply

    When will you guys be back up!?! I’m missing my Impact at work where I cannot stream!!

  2. Randy Reply

    :(No Impact makes my brackets unhappy):

  3. james Reply

    Pls fix the power problem once i leave campus I cant hear it in my car…..sad face

  4. Chambertin Reply

    I was wondering what happened. I came back to town after living abroad for 6 years and thought the station got cancelled and replaced by nutter religious propaganda. (the nearest station to 89 was special….)

  5. Steph Reply

    I miss you! Best of luck getting the transmitter up and transmitting in the quickest time possible! I miss you on my commute!

  6. MegaGamet Reply

    Intended use or not, 88.9 is the best way for the elderly 30-somethings like myself to keep up to date on nearly-unheard of music, which is extremly refreshing. Get well soon, champ.

  7. Dave Reply

    So what’s the update? Streaming is blocked in my office and I can’t pick up the signal on my radio. Will I have music soon or will you continue to force me to listen to 94.1 out of Jackson?

  8. David Reply

    Get well soon. Commercial radio is killing me.

  9. Brent Lightfoot Reply

    @Mega if 30 makes you elderly, what class would you put me in? (46 yo former Impact DJ/Program Director).

    Guys – hang in tight you will be back up soon. If nothing else you are now hearing from the many in the community who you know are listening but don’t always hear from. #ImpactRocks

  10. Nick Danger Reply

    I have been a listener since your first week, I’m 55 and yours is the only station I like to listen to.
    If this is your way of getting a pledge drive going sign me up…

  11. Stephen Reply

    sheesh January 29 and you guys are still offline. Your west side listeners are hurting. Impact is the only decent radio station in 100 miles and its absence is being felt!

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  13. David M Reply

    Upping the age range of your listeners here, I am 58. I like Impact 88.9 because it keeps me in touch with youthful alternative music, and more importantly, it is the only station I could find in the Lansing market that airs absolutely no news (so I use it for my bedside clock radio)! Thanks, looking forward to your getting back on the air before I turn 59 next month.

  14. Michael Reply

    Glad to see you signal strength up. Do not remember you having problem lasting this long before. I have listened since 88 or 89. Was tired of the same old music that most stations play and in a noncommercial format.
    I answered a call over 20 years ago from Arbitron who I told they might not want to know who I listen to as it would distort their results. He said it wouldn’t then had no idea who you were. After my insisting that 88.9 was a new FM station and the confusion over the call letters the caller put me on hold to check what to do. He came back excited and did a longer demographic survey. A short time latter your station was ecstatic over the ratings that came out.
    Did the diary survey about ten years ago also.

    Further upping the age range of your listeners. I am 63.
    Hope to listen for another 25 years

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