The Basement – 12/5/13

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That’s everyone for tuning in! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Secret Grief – I’ll See You In Portland

The White Stripes – I’m Slowly Turning Into You

Brave Bird – Tired Enough

Eleanor Quigley – Out the Window

Whiskey Pickers - Goin’ Back to Ol’ Kentucky

The Oarsman - First Flight

The Bard Owls - Blue House

Jason Alarm - Your Radio

Wayne Szalinski - These Are the Layers of Bandages

The Playback - Give Up Now

Narc Out the Reds - One Dolor Embrace

The People’s Temple – Restless

The Getout - Her Crazy Little Mind

The Fencemen - Violent Domestic

Frontier Ruckus - Dark Autumn Hour

Gifts or Creatures (yesteryear western darkness ep) – Relics and Ghosts

The Crane Wives - New Colors

Gun Lake – I Gave Enough

Alaska - Lucid Delusion

Bad Dates - Touch & Go

Basement Shark Attack - Wilmer Valderrama

Jake Kalmink & the Further Closer - Tear Me Apart

Lightning Love (blonde album) - I Know

Kim Vi – Dearly Beloved

Small Parks – Shifting Positions

Jake Down & the Midwest Mess – A Plow Broke the Plains

Molly Jean – Ask Me Out

Pulp Culture - Cognitive Dissonance

Cavalcade – Quiet Men Keep Secrets

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