Asian Music Show 12/02/2013

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Tonight on the show we have new holiday songs from Wheesung and Gummy, and KARA!  We’ll also hear from Primary’s latest project, as well as the new controversy surrounding the song.

Wheesung & Gummy – “Special Love”
Crying Nut – “Self Happy Christmas and New Year”
Geomeori (Primary and Park Myung Soo) – “I Got C (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)”
SHINee – “Keeping Love Again”
T-ara – “Day By Day”
G-Dragon – “Who You? (Japanese version)”
Kara – “フレンチキス / French Kiss”
Day Light & MAC – “크리스마스의 기적 / The Miracle of Christmas”
Sistar – “핑글필글 / Up and Down”
2NE1 – “그리워해요 / Missing You”
K.Will – “추억이 울려 / Memories Ringing”
The Gazette – “Reila” (by request)
Achtung – “구름비 / Cloud Rain”
Brown Eyed Girls – “Good Fellas”

IU – “분홍신 / Red Shoes”
Roy Kim – “Love Love Love”
Black Skirts – “무임승차 / Free-Riding”
Jaurim – “꿈의 택배편 / Dream Delivery”
Bangtan Boys – “졸업 / Graduation Song”
Geeks Lil Boi – “Star Is Born (feat. Crucial Star, Dana)”
Vanilla Unity – “어느 산골 소년의 사랑이야기 / Legend Of the Mountain Boy”
Lee Hi – “짝사랑 / One-Sided Love”
Jang Gi Ha and the Faces – “나와 / Come Out”
f(x) – “시르널 / Signal”
Galaxy Express – “How Does It Feel?”
Telefly – “Cloud” (bandcamp)
Big Bang – “사랑 먼지 / Love Dust”
4minute – “징글징글 / Jingle Jingle (feat. Mario, Amen)”
Homme (LeeHyun of 8eight and Changmin of 2AM) – “밥만 잘 먹더라 / I Was Able To Eat Well”

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