Afterglow 11/24

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We hope that you’re ready to head home and eat your fill of your mother’s delicious cooking and catch up with family members. Tonight on the Afterglow, your host Devin has compiled a playlist of low-key jams to help you prep for the crazy weekend of feasting and fun!

Call in with your requests at 517-884-8989!



1. In the Waiting Line – Zero 7

2. Up On This – The Malah

3. Coastal Brake – Tycho

4. MakeMeBetter – Little People

5. Black Jesus – 9 Lazy 9

6. 1976 – RJD2

7. Maya – Quixotic

8. Moonlight Tango – Kaminanda

9. Worldwide – Ancient Astronauts

10. All There Is – Chrome Sparks ft. Steffaloo

11. Mysterious Muses – Baby Mammoth

12. Jus Like Clockwork – Paper Diamond (ft. Cherub)



13. Alpha Beta Gaga – Air

14. Staring at the Sun – TV On the Radio

15. The Magik Mission of the Starseeds – Spaceship Earth

16. The Way – Emancipator

17. ljoss – Forest Swords* (request)

18. The Music Scene – Blockhead

19. Proper Education – Conspirator

20. Self Awakening – Ernest Gonzales

21. Go Out and Love Someone – Pogo

22. Reach for the Dead – Boards of Canada

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