Afterglow 11/17

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Tonight your host Devin a great show lined up for you to keep you calm during the stormy weather. The Impact will be giving away tickets to see Minnesota at the Intersection in Grand Rapids next Friday, November 22nd. Call in with your requests at 517-884-8989!


1. Trip – Vacationer

2. Circuit Bent – EOTO

3. Phat Beat – The Floozies

4. The Go Round – Inf

5. Bahian B-Boy – Dynamic Syncopation

6. Astral Projection – Minnesota

7. Khalghi Stomp – Transglobal Underground

8, Colorado – Lotus

9. Raincoat – Bibio *request

10. Strings of the Strings of Life – Derrick May

11. My Friends Never Die – Odezsa



12. Never Fade Away – Phaeleh

13. The Jam – General Fuzz

14. Paper Trails – Darkside

15. Gorillafaceuopotamus! – Papa Grows Funk

16. Hoppípolla – Sigúr Rós *request

17. Kommune – Voice of the Seven Thunders

18. This Must Be the Place – Talking Heads *request

19. Drive – Beacon

20. Black is the Night ft. Katherine DeBoer – DJ Vadim

21. Veridis Quo – Daft Punk *request

22. Steve McQueen – M83

23. Sweet Bitterness – Reki


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