Thee Hourz O’ Power – 11/14/2013

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Blind Guardian – Under the Ice

Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie

Immortal – In My Kingdom Cold

Satan’s Host – Dark Priest “Lord Ahriman”

Inquisition – Obscure Verses for the Multiverse

Stargazer – The Scream That Tore the Sky

Judas Iscariot – The Cold Earth Slept Below

Skeletonwitch – Burned from Bone

Woods of Ypres – The Northern Cold

Motörhead – Heartbreaker

Dark Funeral – An Apprentice of Satan


Ihsahn – Hilber

Iced Earth – Winter Nights

I – The Storm I Ride

Diamond Plate – Walking Backwards

Darkthrone – Hans Siste Vinter

Bathory – Vinterblot

Mitochondrion – (Rift/Apex) Parasignosis

Dark Psychosis – Frozen Winds

Scorpions – Virgin Killer

Mayhem – Freezing Moon

Gorguts – Colored Sands


Necrophobic – Womb of Lilithu

Necrophobic – Splendour Nigri Soils

Necrophobic – Astaroth

Necrophobic – Furfur

Necrophobic – Black Night Raven

Necrophobic – The Necromancer

Necrophobic – Marquis Phenex

Necrophobic – Asmodee

Necrophobic – Marchosias

Necrophobic – Matabuchus

Necrophobic – Paimon

Necrophobic – Opium Black


The Omega Experiment – Furor

Flood the Desert – Pyramid in the Sky

Dream Theater – Illumination Theory

Death Angel – Son of the Morning

Carpathian Forest – Cold Comfort

Absu – Circles of the Oath

Exhumed – (So Passes) The Glory of Death

Gamma Ray – Somewhere Out In Space


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