The Basement – 11/14/13

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Thanks all for tuning in and thanks to Pulp Culture for coming on and chatting with us! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Javelins – Underwater Film Cre

The Riots – A Little Bit of Love

Elliot Street Lunatic feat. Philthy – In Science

Dog & Panther – Giant Hands

Kastanza – The Wire

Pulp Culture – Cognitive Dissonance

Pulp Culture – The Wait

Decades – Joann

The Prime Ministers – Learned From the Best

Catalina Wine Mixer – Laura

Flashing Blue Lights – Across the Room

Doug Mains & the City Folk – Broken Windows

Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts – Them (In These Hands)

Avery Black – What I Dealt and What I Deserve

Gifts or Creatures – Termites

Love Arcade – Sara

Bangups – Tongue Ear

The Class Acts – Something Good

The Plurals – Medic

Small Parks – Retrogression

The White Stripes – Ball and a Biscuit

The Reptilian – I’ll Ram My Ovipositor Down Your Throat and Lay Eggs In Your Chest, But I’m Not An Alien

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