The Basement – 11/17/13

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Thanks everyone for tuning in! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

The Bell Tree – Fizzy Lifting Drinks

Dogs In Winter – All I Can

Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers – Ego Loss On Grand River

Dizzy Dearest – Back Molar Dream Sequence

Calcaska – YBYL

The Class Acts – Too Tired

The Hard Lessons – Milk and Sugar

The Dead Bodies – Bombs

Kenny and the Swordfish – Good Riddance to Grand Rapids

Honey Wild – MOMA

Billiards Music – Ain’t That Something

Mason’s Case – Sirens

Bangups – Hey Almighty

Hyperbole – Betty

Bike Tuff – Baby, You’re An Anarchist

Child Bite – Jewels Rules

Brave Bird – The Worst Things Happen to Me

The Cut Glass Bowl – Maybe College Won’t Work Out

The Dead Bodies – Shelby Township

Bear Vs. Shark – Catamaran

Little American Champ – Billionaire Boys Club

Of Virtue – Damaged

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) – Our Love Has Made Us Pariahs

Bad Dates – Highway Lanes

Bennett – Back to You

Gun Lake – Stormy Country

Chris Dorman – Family Farm

Frontier Ruckus – If the Suns Collapse

The Bard Owls – Darlin’ Corey

Secret Grief – The Night Before Your Sister’s Party

3 Responses to The Basement – 11/17/13
  1. Jacob Nevin Reply

    Thanks for playing Cloud Rat!

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