Thee Hourz Playlist 10/31/2013

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Coven 13 Interview
Tankard – Zombie Attack
October 31 – Salem’s Curse
Panopticon – Black Soot and Red Blood
Mercyful Fate – Return of the Vampire
Blotted Science – Synaptic Plasticity
Venom – Don’t Burn the Witch
Vicious Rumors – Deal with the Devil
Witchstone – The Devil’s Bridge
Death – Evil Dead
King Diamond – Halloween
Manilla Road – Witches Brew
Samhain – Halloween II
Pasadena Napalm Division – 100 Beers with a Zombie
Motorhead – Queen of the Damned
Type O Negative – Halloween in Heaven
Savatage – By the Grace of the Witch
Hallows Eve – Hallow’s Eve
Ghost – If You Have ghosts (Roky Erickson cover)
Powerwolf – Last of the Living Dead
Carcass – Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
Watain – Sleepless Evil
Coven 13 – Thor’s Twins
Coven 13 – Winds of Revelation
Coven 13 – Elfstone
Coven 13 – Walpurgisnacht
Coven 13 – isle of Man
Coven 13 – Frost Giants
Coven 13 – Witches Kiss
Coven 13 – She Rides at Dawn
Coven 13 – Solitary Days
Coven 13 – Spellbound
Death SS – Werewolf
Gama Bomb – Zombie Blood Nightmare
Slayer – At Dawn They Sleep
Ihsahn – Hilber
Warbringer – Leviathan
Exhumed – The Rotting
Helloween – Halloween
Dead Kennedys – Halloween
Halloween – Trick Or Treat
Iced Earth – Frankenstein
Rigor Mortis – Vampire
Macabre – Werewolf of Bedburg
Grave Digger – Circle of Witches


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