Diane Birch Speaks A Little Louder

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Born in Michigan, Singer/Songwriter Diane Birch is coming off the release of her Sophomore album “Speak A Little Louder,” and letting the the world know who she is. The atmospheric follow up to her solid 2009 debut album “Bible Belt,” goes into the depths of Diane’s personal life that had never been addressed before. Impact 89FM got the chance to see Birch live at the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon last week in New York City, as well as chat with her about her new release, ties to Michigan, and how she goes about songwriting.

“I was born in Berrien Springs, Michigan, but sadly I have no ties to (Michigan), as I only lived there for about 6 months as a child,” said Birch, who moved around the world frequently as a child.

“Being exposed to so much as a child gave me a lot of perspective from an early age…Saying goodbye so many times to friends and places I loved encouraged my ability to accept change and learn how to be ok alone,” said Birch, which perfectly illustrates the feelings portrayed through her music on the new album.

“(Speak A Little Louder) is a lot more diverse and showcases a lot more of my influences. I have also been through a lot since the making of ‘Bible Belt,’ so it’s a lot more grown up.”

Birch’s heartfelt songwriting is well illustrated on standout tracks off of the album, like ‘All The Love You Got’ and ‘Pretty In Pain.’ Both songs present a soft, yet soulful, take on modern music, while presenting Birch’s cohesive theme of well-versed, connected illustration through music.

“I usually write my verses first…They tend to inform the flow of the chorus and the natural progression of the song’s dynamics. When I’ve done it the other way around in the past, it tended to feel more pieced together,” said Birch on her songwriting process.

When it comes to Birch’s live performance, the connection she makes with her fans is undeniable. The college-aged CMJ crowd that got to see Birch on October 17th was completely won over by her set, in particular to the live rendition of the upbeat track ‘Love and War,’ as well as the beautifully built up balad, “It Plays On.”

‘Speak A Little Louder’ serves as an appropriate allegory for where Birch currently stands in her career. Her voice is being projected louder than ever, and if you ever get the chance to see her live, you’re well aware that Birch’s message is being heard loud and clear.

Speak A Little Louder is out now: bit.ly/17chGcJ

Written by Sam Riddle

Photo Source: http://www.dianebirch.com/

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