Pusha T: Live at Le Poisson Rouge

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“This is my time, this is my hour. This is my pain, this is my name, this is my power.”

The first lyrics professed by chart-topping rap artist, Pusha T, were excitingly raw. This past Wednesday, an NPR Presents showcase at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City gave young music listeners the opportunity to see a master lyricist, Terrence Thorton, perform. The Virginia native stunned the crowd, vulnerably bestowing songs from his solo mix tape, select works with Kanye West, and from his debut album, My Name Is My Name.

It was no surprise to find that Pusha T did not perform any of the songs he made with Clipse. A duo consisting of Pusha T and his brother, No Malice, Clipse put a pause on making music in 2009 to pursue solo careers. This show was not about pleasing the audience with the catchy, old songs they knew. For Pusha T, it was about putting a trust in the crowd regarding his mucky and pauperized past through writings such as “Pain,” “Suicide,” and “40 Acres.” These tracks from his recently debuted album tell his life stories through compelling metaphors and sincere verses, and their performance live helped bond the crowd to the rapper.

The theme of trust followed throughout the show as Pusha T engaged with the audience on a personal level. The artist trusted the listeners so much that he performed a song that he almost never performs: “Exodus 23:1.” The song’s title is from a bible verse that reads, “Though shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.” The crowd roared in shock as the performer dished out lyrics containing his feelings of superiority and disgust toward artists Lil Wayne and Drake of Young Money Entertainment.

Pusha T is an artist with divine character and overwhelmingly strong writing skills. Undoubtedly, the image of this rapper clutching the mic, wearing a shirt that reads, “Everything Is Pusha T” will be seared into the minds of every audience member on Wednesday night for good.

Written By Michelle Feghali

Photo Credit: www.defjamblr.com

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