Asian Music Show 10/14/2013

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Tonight on the Asian Music Show, the latest music from experimental husband-wife duo EE, and Korean indie rockers Busker Busker!  We’ll also hear from Japanese grindcore band MELT-BANANA, who are about to embark on yet another US tour; don’t miss your chance to win tickets to their Oct. 25th show at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids on Thee Hourz O Power or next week on the Asian Music Show!

EE – “Gaweebaweevo”
Geeks – “Backpack”
Melt Banana – “The Hive”
G-Dragon – “삐딱하게 / Crooked”
Rainbow – “Golden Touch”
K.Will – “러브블러썸 / Love Blossom”
Busker Busker – “처음엔 사랑이란게 / Love, At First”
4minute – “이름이 뭐예요? / What’s Your Name?”
Bangtan Boys – “졸업 / Graduation Song”
Girls Generation – “유리아이 / Lost In Love”
Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae, Bizzy – “GO”
Sistar – “If U Want”
Cho Yong Pil – “널 만나면 / If I Meet You”
IU – “New World”
Mizz Nina – “Around the World (feat. Jay Park)”
Geeks Lil Boi – “Once”

Mayday – “丟掉名字性別 / OAOA”
Kara – “숙녀가 못 돼 / Damaged Lady”
Verbal Jint – “If It Ain’t Love (feat. Ailee)”
SHINee – “Run With Me”
Akdong Musician – “I Love You”
Sunmi – “24시간이 모자라 / 24 Hours”
Hong Jin Young – “사랑의 배터리 / Love’s Battery”
Kim Mokin – “지망생 / A Portrait of Kids”
Tommy february6 – “Ai no ai no hoshi”
Baek Ji Young – “この愛、忘れないで / Kono Ai, Wasurenaide”
Melt Banana – “Infection Detective”
Galaxy Express – “You and I”
Stereopony – “Oshare Banchou 2011 (feat. Naoto from Orange Range)”
G-Dragon – “R.O.D. (feat. Lydia Paek)”

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