Thee Hourz O’ Power – 10/10/2013

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Onslaught – (New World Order) Chaos is King

Grim Reaper  – See You In Hell

Metal Church – Beyond the Black

Blind Guardian – The Last Candle

Scale the Summit – Altus Novus

Children of Bodom – Waste of Skin

Carcass – Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System

Gorguts – Reduced to Silence

AxCx – Metal Gloves (Manowar cover ft. Phil Anselmo)

Crowbar – Time Heals Nothing

Angel Witch – Angel of Death


Savatage – The Dungeons Are Calling

Dream Theater – Illumination Theory

Laaz Rockit – Bad Blood

Ghost – (Deus Culpa) Con Clavi Con Dio

Mercyful Fate – Satan’s Fall

Candlemass – (Gothic Stone) The Well of Souls


Fates Warning – One Thousand Faces

Fates Warning – Firefly

Fates Warning – Desire

Fates Warning – Falling

Fates Warning – I Am

Fates Warning – Lighthouse

Fates Warning – Into the Black

Fates Warning – Kneel and Obey

Fates Warning – O Chloroform

Fates Warning – And Yet It Moves


Superchrist – Electric Penis

Dark Moor – Somewhere in Dreams

Angra – The Temple of Hate

Ashes of Ares – On Warrior’s Wings

Katatonia – The Parting

Demon Lung – Eyes of Zamiel

Dark Suns – The Sun Beyond Your Eden

Wolves in the Throne Room – Prayer of Transformation

Lizzy Borden – Psychopath

Diablo Swing Orchestra – A Tap Dancer’s Dilemma


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