Spartan Sportswrap 10/07/13

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Its the final show of Spartan Sportswrap after a legendary run since 1989. Hosts Alex Scharg and Anthony “Fino” Serafino talk about Michigan State football’s big road victory at Kinneck Stadium, Detroit Lions, and Tigers.

Plus, the Sportswrap crew dedicates the final 10 minutes as a tribute to the show including favorite memories, guests and laughs from the past years.

From everyone at Impact Sports and the Sportswrap crew: Thank you to everyone who came before, was a guest, and contributed in any way. The foundation has been set for a great sports department in the future.


Tune to 88.9FM next Monday October 14 as The Pact, ┬áImpact 89FM’s new sports show, debuts with host Anthony “Fino” Serafino and the rest of The Pact crew.

The Pact embraces the Spartan debate every Monday from 7-8 p.m.

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