Asian Music Show 10/07/2013

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Japanese noise rockers Melt Banana are back with their first album in six years! In support of the new album Fetch, they’re embarking on yet another American tour, with two dates in Michigan: October 25 at the Pyramid Scheme and October 28 at the Crofoot in Pontiac.  Tonight we have new music from Korean indie folk artist Kim Mokin, and K-pop veteran Seo In Young.

Seo In Young – “나를 사랑해줘 / Love Me (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)”
Kim Mokin – “그게 다 외로워서래 / All That Matters Is Loneliness” (check out Kim Mokin and Electric Muse Records)
Melt Banana – “Candy Gun”
T-ara – “ロィーポィ / Roly-Poly”
SHINee – “늘 그자리에 / Honesty”
Trouble Maker – “Trouble Maker”
HOME MADE KAZOKU – “Summer Time Magic” (by request)
Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears (Chinese Version)”
Geeks – “FLY”
Ailee – “여인의 향기 / Scent of a Woman”
San E – “Big Boy (feat. Bee of Rphabet)”
Davichi, T-ara, SeeYa – “여성시대 / Women’s Generation”
EXO – “咆哮 / Growl”
CL – “나쁜 기집애 / The Baddest Female”
Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae, Bizzy – “첫눈이 오면 설레였던 꼬마아이 / Time Travel”

Kahi – “돌아와 나쁜 너 / Come Back, Bad You”
Cho Yong Pil – “Bounce”
f(x) – “미행 (그림자) / Shadow”
Soda Green – “Duo Luo / Falling”
4minute – “이름이 뭐예요? / What’s Your Name?”
Asian Kung-Fu Generation – “踵で愛を打ち鳴らせ / Ring Out Love With Your Heel”
Girls Generation – “낭만길 / Romantic Street”
Mukimukimanmansu – “남산타워 / Namsan Tower”
Jisun – “Windflower (feat. Alex)”
2PM – “Give Me Love”
Melt Banana – “The Hive”
Galaxy Express – “Always”
Kara – “둘 중에하나 / Runaway”
EE – “기억 속의 하이칼라 / High Color”
Lee Hi – “Dream”

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