Thee Hourz O’ Power – 9/26/2013

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Death Angel- The Ultra Violence

Judas Priest- White Heat, Red Hot

Acid Bath- What Color is Death?

Deafheaven- Vertigo

Exhumed- (So Passes) the Glory of Death

Vital Remains- Human Sacrifice

Trouble- When The Sky Comes Down

Dusk Machine- I feel No Pain

Fueled by Fire- Suffering Entities

Bad Brains – I Against I


Katatonia- The Parting

Carcass- The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills

Satyricon – Phoenix

King Diamond- Killer

Overkill – Mad Gone World

High On Fire – The Face of Oblivion

Ashes of Ares- On Warrior’s Wings

Tarja- Lucid Dreamer

Lonewolf- Throne of Skulls

Pain of Salvation- People Passing By


Dream Theater – False Awakening Suite

Dream Theater – The Enemy Inside

Dream Theater – The Looking Glass

Dream Theater – Enigma Machine

Dream Theater – The Bigger Picture


Dream Theater – Behind the Veil

Dream Theater – Surrender to Reason

Dream Theater – Along for the Ride

Whiplash- (Perpetual Warfare) Walk The Plank

Dissection- Where Dead Angels lie


Death – Lack of Comprehension

Artillery- Terror Squad

Black Sabbath- Killing Yourself To Live

Dagon- Pirate Hunter

Judas Iscariot- Nietzsche

Shining- Besvikelsens Dysra Monotoni

Sigh – Dies Irae/ The Master Malice

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum- Sleep Is Wrong


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