Thee Hourz O’ Power – 9/19/2013

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Satan’s Host – Azrael: Death Wing Angel

Ashes of Ares – The Messenger

Swashbuckle – Splash N’ Thrash

Alestorm – Keelhauled

Satyricon – (Voice of Shadows) Tro og Kraft

Watain – They Rode On

NUM SKULL – Pirate’s Night

Demon Lung – A Decade Twice over a Day

Coven 13 – Riddle of Steel

Running Wild – Under Jolly Roger

Lonewolf – Time For War


Powerwolf – Secrets of the Sacristy

Summoning – Flammifer

Tarja – Victim of Ritual

James LaBrie – Undertow

Made out of Babies – Pirate

Temple of Void – Bargain in Death

Saint Vitus – Dragon Time

Borrowed Time – Sailor on the Seas of Fate

Černá – Restoring Life


Carcass – 1985

Carcass – Thrasher’s Abattoir

Carcass – Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System

Carcass – A Congealed Clot of Blood

Carcass – The Master Butcher’s Apron

Carcass – Noncompliance to ASTM F899-12 Standard

Carcass – The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills

Carcass – Unfit for Human Consumption

Carcass – 316L Grade Surgical Steel

Carcass – Captive Bolt Pistol

Carcass – Mount of Execution

Boneworm – Crater


Spirit Caravan – Fear’s Machine

Pendulous – Reflections

The  Ocean – Mesoproterozoic- Ectasian

Saxon – 747(Strangers in the Night)

Planks – Into the Nothingness Within

Wormlust – The Opium Sleep

Sword Toward Self – Sword Toward Self


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