The Basement – 9/5/13

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Thanks all for tuning in! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

PK Fire – The Flood Came

Earl Grey – Single-Celled Organism

Eleanor Quigley – Out the Window

Bear Vs. Shark – Second

The Reptilian – Sam Haircut

The Swellers – Becoming Self-Aware

The White Stripes – I’m Slowly Turning Into You

Stikyfut – 7 Bodies 8 Graves

Bad Indians – Bad Girl

Way to Fall – Bed Sheets

The Distorted Waltz – Poems

BerT – Heisenberg

Dutch Pink – Idols and Infidels

The Philter – Silver Skinned

Tiger! Tiger! (Secret Grief) – Did I Tell You About the Books? They’re Real!

Small Town Victory – It’s Dignity Luanne

The People’s Temple – Sons of Stone

Wayne Szalinski – Deerling

Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers – Ego Loss on Grand Rive


Bennett – Back to You

Calcaska – YBYL

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jr. – War Zone

Gun Lake – Stormy Country

The Skinny – Ewok Fury pt. 2

Braided Veins – The Nature Cruise of the Century!

Desmond Jones – Red

The Beauty Fire – Ouroboros

Cities and Years – In Vain

Nice Hooves – Play Jazz

Assume Nothing – Better Off

One Response to The Basement – 9/5/13
  1. Seth Reply

    Hello, I’m a local artist from the Lansing area and have always loved the local show. I was wondering how to go about submitting my music for review when I’ve finished the Ep I’m working on. thanks – Seth

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