New ticket exchange program available to students

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Photo: MSU Athletic Communications

By Michael Higer

Impact Sports staff writer

Remember allMSU? A place to buy and sell tickets for sporting events?

There is a new, innovative program for Michigan State student section members; Michigan State Student Exchange, or STX for short.

The program is ran through Spartan Athletics and, as Associate Athletic Director Wendy Brown explains, is more efficient compared to other programs.

“This is where students can purchase their student admission from MSU, then transfer to

other students (as they have been doing for some years) or sell to other students via StubHub,” said Brown.

In previous years, students had to exchange their MSU ID card with others to sell their ticket.  STX will allow students to exchange or sell their ticket online.

“Through STX, students can also return their admission if they will not be attending the game,” said Brown.

The program is in collaboration with the popular website StubHub, where people are also able to sell or buy tickets for numerous concerts and sporting events.

“This is a pilot program with StubHub that many schools around the country are watching,” adds Brown.
Students can start using STX for the Michigan State football season.  For more information, visit

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