Asian Music Show 09/02/2013

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Happy Labor Day!  Danny is back in the studio, and we’ve got music from SPYAIR, Rania, 2PM, Code-V, and more!

Davichi – “You Are My Everything”
2PM – “Let It Rain (Nichkhun)”
Rania – “Pop Pop Pop”
2Bic – “Bye Bye Love”
Dasoni – “아주 흔한 말 / Common Words”
Supreme Team – “그대로 있어도 돼 / Stay the Way You Are (feat. Crush)”
Dal Shabet – “Supa Dupa Diva”
Andrew Choi – “Love Was Enough”
Rainbow – “Tell Me Tell Me”
Oneway – “Would You Be”
℃-ute – “悲しき雨降り / Kanashiki Amefuri / Sad Rain” (by request)
Jay Park – “I Like 2 Party”
Ran – “그대는 나의 선물 / You’re My Gift”
Phantom – “몸만와 / Come As You Are (feat. Verbal Jint)”
Ivy – “Someday”
ZE:A Five – “아리따운 걸 / Beautiful Girl”

Miura Daichi – “Half of You”
BENI – “ランナ・ウェイ / Runaway”
Hemenway – “花降る夜 / Hanafuru Yoru”
Yusuke – “VIVA! Nossa Nossa”
Che’Nelle – “I Will”
CROSS-GENE – “Shooting Star”
SPYAIR – “虹 / Rainbow”
Girls Generation – “Love & Girls”
CODE-V – “Shooting Star”
Silent Siren – “stella”
B1A4 – “이게 무슨 일이야 / What’s Going On”

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