Afterglow 9/1

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Welcome back everyone! Hopefully the holiday weekend means you haven’t been loaded up with too much homework. Whether you need tunes to help you during your study fest, or just some relaxing jams to ease you into the semester, The Afterglow has what you need! Call in with your requests at 517-884-8989!


1. War – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

2. Feeling Better – Michal Menert

3. Heartbeat Amplifier – The Polish Ambassador

4. Higher and Higher – Govinda

5. Aurora – Aydio

6. Silent Spring – Massive Attack (request)

7. Helen of Troy – Telefon Tel Aviv

8. Rapture at Sea – Eastern Sun

9. Welt Am Draht – Pantha Du Prince

10. Strange Constellations – Bombaby Dub Orchestra

11. Starálfur (Live) – Sigúr Rós (request)



12. Adult Goth – Gang Gang Dance

13. Kiss of Light – Unlimited Gravity

14. Carl Sagan – Blue Sky Black Death

15. Eternal Peace Pt 2. – DJ Ezasscul

16. Melodic Midnight – Abstrakt Idea

17. Sweet Bitterness – Reki

18. Detroit Part 1 – Shigeto

19. Stardust – Minnesota

20. Abiogenesis – Carbon Based Lifeforms

21. Disconnect – Plastikman

22. Two Dots – Lusine

23. Lens Flare Lagoon – Lone


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