Torch and Twang 8/27/13

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Withe the students back on campus, Torch & Twang takes a moment to look back at the summer of 2013. Eric will be reliving his favorite records that released after May 5, the final day of classes for the 2012-2013 academic year. Plus new music from Brian Wright, Michigan favorites Gifts or Creatures and The Civil Wars!


Link Wray- Rawhide- T&T Intro

Steep Canyon Rangers- Tell The Ones I Love- Tell The Ones I Love

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors- Nothing Like A Woman- Good Light

Tim Easton- Tired and Hungry- Not Cool

Sarah Jarosz- Over the Edge- Build Me Up From Bones

Willy Mason- Pickup Truck- Carry On

Willie Sugarcapps- Mr. Lee- Willie Sugarcapps

Tedeschi Trucks Band- Do I Look Worried- Made Up Mind

Elephant Revival- Spinning- These Changing Skies

Drew Kennedy- Jackson Square- Wide Listener

Court Yard Hounds- Amelita- Amelita

Steve Martin & Edie Brickell- Remember Me This Way- Love Has Come For You

The White Buffalo- Don’t You Want It- Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways

Patterson Hood- Depression- Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance

Ruth Moody- Pockets- These Wilder Things

Wayne Hancock- Fair Weather Blues- Ride

Best Albums of Summer 2013

Stephen Kellogg- Lost and Found- Blunderstone Rookery

Stephen Kellogg- Forgive You, Forgive Me- Blunderstone Rookery

Stephen Kellogg- Crosses- Blunderstone Rookery

Stephen Kellogg- Good Ol’ Days- Blunderstone Rookery

Della Mae- Letters From Down The Road/And Other Things- This World Oft Can Be

Della Mae- Maybeline- This World Oft Can Be

Della Mae- Ain’t No Ash Will Burn- This World Oft Can Be

Della Mae- Some Roads Lead On- This World Oft Can Be

Pokey LaFarge- Central Time- Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge- Won’tcha Please Don’t Do It- Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge- Kentucky Mae- Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge- Let’s Get Lost- Pokey LaFarge

Mando Saenz- Break Away Speed- Studebaker

Mando Saenz- Battle Scar- Studebaker

Mando Saenz- Pocket Change- Studebaker

Mando Saenz- The Road I’m On- Studebaker

Aoife O’Donovan- Lay My Burden Down- Fossils

Aoife O’Donovan- Red & White & Blue & Gold- Fossils

Aoife O’Donovan- Beekeeper- Fossils

Aoife O’Donovan- Oh Mama- Fossils

Nathan Alan- Chains- Looking For Tomorrow, Today

Nathan Alan- This, Old and Here- Looking For Tomorrow, Today

Nathan Alan- For The Wolves- Looking For Tomorrow, Today

Nathan Alan- Don’t Change, My Plans- Looking For Tomorrow, Today

Foy Vance- Closed Hand, Full of Friends- Joy of Nothing

Foy Vance- Joy of Nothing- Joy of Nothing

Foy Vance- You and I- Joy of Nothing

Foy Vance- Guiding Light- Joy of Nothing

Amanda Shires- Devastate- Down Fell The Doves

Amanda Shires- Bulletproof- Down Fell The Doves

Amanda Shires- Box Cutters- Down Fell The Doves

Amanda Shires- Wasted and Rollin’- Down Fell The Doves

Gregory Alan Isakov- Amsterdam- The Weatherman

Gregory Alan Isakov- Second Chances- The Weatherman

Gregory Alan Isakov- Suitcase Full of Sparks- The Weatherman

Gregory Alan Isakov- All Shades of Blue- The Weatherman

Jason Isbell- Cover Me Up- Southeastern

Jason Isbell- Stockholm- Southeastern

Jason Isbell- Traveling Alone- Southeastern

Jason Isbell- Flying Over Water- Southeastern

Jason Isbell- Super 8- Stockholm

Luke Winslow-King- You Don’t Know Better Than Me- The Coming Tide

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