The Basement – 8/22/13

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Thank everyone for tuning in and thanks to Lights and Caves for coming in and hanging out with us tonight!

Be sure to check out the posting for The Basement Host here on the website.

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Alaska – Where the Wild Things Are

Great Lakes Myth Society – Nightfall at Electric Park

The Dead Bodies – The Orphan Song

Lights and Caves – Carry Me Home

Lights and Caves – In Satori

Lights and Caves – The Shape

Lights and Caves – Run

Bangups – Hey Almighty

Cartography – Rasputin

Brave Bird – Tired Enough

The Hard Lessons – Bamboo

Pity Sex – Wind-Up

Jory Stultz – Aquarium / Last Memory

Bless You Boys – Into the Other

The Blue Effect – What She Said

The Second Guess – Washed Up Honey

Canada – Record Function

A Band Called Mithras – Sell It To the Kids

Flashing Blue Lights – Across the Room

Casionauts – Or How I Learned to Love Mitosis

The Decks – Skeleton

Boys School – Medicated

The Reptilian – Thousand Year Lease

Wilson – Snake Eyes

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