Asian Music Show 08/19/2013

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Tonight we’ve got new music from Bumkey, Phantom, and a new Japanese single from Fat Cat!  We’ll also be announcing the winner of the Maru Restaurant gift card drawing!  Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Fat Cat – “Make Up”
Bumkey – “갖고놀래 / Attraction (feat. Dynamic Duo)”
f(x) – “Hot Summer” (by request)
Phantom – “다알아 / I Already Know”
Lee Hyori – “Bad Girls” (by request)
Big Bang – “Blue” (by request)
Crayon Pop – “빠빠빠 / Bar Bar Bar” (by request)
Psy – “Gentleman” (by request)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – “PONPONPON” (by request)
2PM – “Tik Tok (feat. Yoon Eun Hye)” (by request)
Mizz Nina – “Around the World (feat. Jay Park)
EXO – “狼 美女 / Wolf” (by request)
Davichi – “오늘따라 보고싶어서 그래 / Missing You Today”
Mayday – “乾杯 / Cheers”
T-ara – “ロィーポィ / Roly Poly”

Super Junior – “Sexy, Free & Single” (by request)
Girls Generation – “Top Secret”
Brown Eyed Girls – “KILL BILL”
Geeks – “Getting On You (feat. DJ Dopsh)”
2NE1 – “Do You Love Me”
Busker Busker – “이상형 / Ideal Type”
Akdong Musician – “Officially Missing You”
Tommy february6 – “Ai no ai no hoshi”
Dynamic Duo – “슛 골인 / Shoot – Goal In”
Neon Bunny – “Oh My Prince”
Epik High – “사랑한다면 해선 안될 말 / If You Love, You Should Say It”
Verbal Jint – “이게 사랑이 아니면 / If It Ain’t Love (feat. Ailee)”
Roy Kim – “Love Love Love”
f(x) – “미행 (그림자) / Shadow”
Primary – “독 / Poison (feat. E-Sens)”

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