Sit Or Spin ~ 8/11/13

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Join Mars and her glorious panel tonight on Sit Or Spin! Follow along with the playlist below and help pick the music that gets played at our station.

Unseen – Her Royal Harness (SIT)

Where Wolf – Ginger & The Ghost (SPIN)

Bright Stars – Your New Crush (SIT)

There Goes Our Love Again – White Lies (SIT)

Nakamarra – Hiatus Kaiyote (SPIN)

Me & You & Jackie Mittoo – Superchunk (SIT)

Long As The Sun – Medicine (SIT)

Everything’s Fine – Minks (SPIN)

Hallowed Ground – Pony Bwoy (SPIN)

Without You – Bare Mutants (SIT)

Speedboats – Grounders (TIE)

Far Away – Mean Lady (SPIN)

Whitby – The Octopus Project (SPIN)

Pioneer Spine – Speedy Ortiz (SPIN)

Becoming the Gunship – Islands (SIT)

N.Y.E. – Dinosaur Bones (SPIN)

Wear Me Out – Summer Cannibals (SPIN)



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