The Basement – 8/8/13

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Thanks everyone who tuned in! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Our Space In Time – Autumn to Spring

The Fencemen – Nation & Ghost

Meridian – Murder In A Small Town

Woodward – Find the Words

Way to Fall – Gone

Decades – Grand Haven

Champions of Breakfast – Hot-X-Change

In Parade – Pay For You

The Pantones – Keeping You Alive

Louis & the Sound Machines – The Machines Getting In

Brave Bird – The Worst Things Happen to Me

Lightning Love – Friends

Whirlwind Heat – Muffler / Flamingo Lawns / Ice-Nine

Januzzi Watchmen – You Don’t Know Me

K Mackay – Thank You / The Memorial

Chris Dorman – Family Farm

Goldfinger – Pick A Fight

The Outer Vibe – Dance Around

Joe Hertler – Sleeping Giant

The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle – St. James Infirmary Blues

Dog & Panther – Giant Hands

Orange Marsupials – Ghetto Way

Nathan Alan – Broken Boards

Joshua Barton – Good Word

Nervous But Excited – No Telling

Man At Arms – Designer Imposters

Cavalcade – Eccentric Funeral

Slumlord Radio – Fort Knox

Dark Psychosis – Rebellion of Fallen Angels

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