The Basement – 7/25/13

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Thanks all for tuning in! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

The Catholic School A/V Club – Three’s A Crowd

Way To Fall – Summer Symphony

Valentiger – Leaving Town

Charlevoix – Has Been

The Skies Revolt – For Your Health

The Soil and the Sun – Indian Sour

Theme and Variation – Dixie Girl

Vince Dynamic – Dear You, Tell Me

Red Herring – Greener Side

Zoos of Berlin – Below the Old House

Tally Hall – Greener

The Word Play – Action

Sandhill String Band – Dark Eyes

Good Weather for Airstrikes – But Hope Is Not Lost

The Waxwings – Answer To Me

Mustard Plug – Time To Wake Up

Natively Foreign – The Forest

Wanderjahr – Emperor Peacock

Natives of the New Dawn – One Thousand Times

Molly Jean – Needle In A Haystack

Sufjan Stevens – Romulus

The People’s Temple – Restless

The Von Bondies – Lack of Communication

Mason Proper – Bone Men

The Sunlight Ascending – Siesta

Thunderbirds Are Now! – Open Us Up

Fur – Farewell, Shirley Temple

Rome For A Day – It Turned Black

Your Best Friend – You’ll Feel Anything Again

Wilson – Cowbell

La Dispute – Future Wars

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