Asian Invasion 07/22/2013

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Tonight on the show we’ve got new music from Geeks, Ailee, Lee Jung Hyun, and more!  Don’t miss next week’s show; we’ll be doing a special K-Pop Throwback edition of the Asian Invasion!

Geeks – “프라이 / Fly”
Ailee – “Rainy Day”
Lee Jung Hyun – “V”
10cm – “근데 나 졸려 / But I’m Tired”
f(x) – “Ice Cream (Idiotape remix)”
Shinhwa – “Brand New”
Zion.T – “Babay (feat. Gaeko)”
Miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”
2PM – “Game Over”
Lee Hi – “바보 / Fool for Love”
Norazo – “고등어 / Mackerel”
Girls Generation – “Dancing Queen”
Mayday – “乾杯 / Cheers”
Brown Eyed Girls – “레시피 / Recipe”

Cho Yong Pil – “Bounce”
Sistar – “넌 너무 야해 / The Way You Make Me Melt (feat. Geeks)”
Crying Nut – “새신발 / New Shoes”
Davichi – “오늘따라 보고 싶어서 그래 / Missing You Today”
Baechigi – “걱정마쇼 / Don’t Worry (feat. Woo Haemi & Loptimist)”
Lee Hyori – “묻지 않을게요 / I Won’t Ask”
GD & TOP – “어쩌란 만이냐? / What Do You Want?”
Dynamic Duo – “날개뼈 / Hot Wings (feat. Hyorin of Sistar)”
Go Go Star – “블랙코미디 / Black Comedy”
Jaurim – “꿈의 택배편 / Dream Delivery”
Telefly – “메아리 / Meddle”
Smells – “Listen To Your Heart (feat. Neon Bunny)”
Drunken Tiger – “8:45 Heaven”
2NE1 – “Falling In Love”

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