The Basement – 7/18/13

Hey all. Thanks for tuning in to The Basement this week and thanks to Life Remaining for coming in and hanging out with us. Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Me & My Friends – Morning Sun

Tone & Niche – In Good Time

The Class Acts – Functions

Life Remaining – Memo

Life Remaining – Kansas Can Keep You

Small Parks – Shifting Positions

Nathan Alan – Broken Boards

East Harvest – Someday

Pity Sex – Keep

Last Night Saved My Life – We Light Fires

Pink Lightning – The Finder

Photographers – Detroit to Berlin

The Hand in the Ocean – White Noise

Patchwork – Salt and Sulfur

Giraffe Attack! – Cut the Cord

The Jackpine Snag – The Consumer

The Rival – I’m OK

Narco Debut – Poppyseed

Mr. Denton on Doomsday – The Grassy Knoll

Endeavors – BLOODVVOLF

Nice Hooves – Play Jazz

Dozic – Opened Up

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