Letter From Your Impact Sports Directors

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Hey YOU!…yeah you browsing the web at the library! And you, on your smartphone while walking to class! And you—the mid-Michigan community member who cannot get enough Impact 89FM content!

Starting Monday, July 15th, Impact 89FM will begin posting sports-specific content from a newly created multimedia sports hub that is fittingly named, Impact Sports.

Throughout the last few months, a 25-person sports staff has been assembled to bring you the latest sports news, features, scores and interviews.

For now, our subject matter is based on current staff interests, but come late August, we will feature in-depth MSU coverage with additional focus on state-level and national sporting events on our own Impact Sports website.

We encourage you to email us with any feedback regarding your thoughts, opinions, or suggestions for the fall.  Which players do you think can help MSU football reach a BCS Bowl this season? Will the Spartans men’s basketball team be heading to the 2014 Final Four?  Any comments or criticisms would be greatly appreciated, as we are looking to create a dialogue within the MSU community regarding sports and sports media.

Impact Sports cannot wait to connect you with unique, specific content that no other source is covering.


Alex Scharg & Max King
Impact Sports Directors

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