Asian Invasion 07/15/2013

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Vocal powerhouse Ailee is back with a new mini album!  The Korean-American from New Jersey left the states to pursue a career in K-pop, and hasn’t done too badly.  Tonight we’re kicking off our show with her new single, “U&I”.

Ailee – “U&I” Dynamic Duo – “날개뼈 / Hot Wings (feat. Hyorin of Sistar)”
Brown Eyed Girls – “레시피 / Recipe”
EXO – “3.6.5 (Chinese version)”
Noh Hong Chul and No Brain – “더위먹은 갈매기 / Hot Weather Seagull”
Akdong Musician – “Bean Dduk Bing Soo”
T-ara N4 – “전원일기 / Countryside Life”
Crying Nut – “Self Happy Christmas & New Year”
Dal Shabet – “내 다리를 봐 / Be Ambitious”
Roy Kim – “이 노랠 들어요 / Listen To This Song”
Sistar – “Give It To Me”
Cho Yong Pil – “Hello (feat. Verbal Jint)”
Hyuna of 4minute – “Ice Cream (feat. Maboos)”
Verbal Jint – “비범벅 / Walking In The Rain (feat. Bumkey)”

Baek Ji Young – “떠울라 / Reminded of You”
Davichi – “오늘따라 보고싶어서 그래 / Missing You Today”
Jung Hyung Don and Epik High – “바베큐 / Barbecue”
Girls Generation – “リンガ・フランカ / Lingua Franca”
Dynamic Duo – “BAAAM (feat. Muzie of UV)”
G-Dragon – “소년이여 / About A Boy”
Crayon Pop – “빠빠빠 / Bar Bar Bar”
Mayday – “疯狂世界 / Crazy World”
Orange Caramel – “クッキークリーム&ミント / Cookie Cream and Mint”
Melt-Banana – “Free the Bee” check out the Asian Invasion’s Interview with Melt Banana
Galaxy Express – “언제까지나 / Always”
Lee Hi – “Rose”
Wheesung – “너라는 병작 / Masterpiece of You”
Hangeng – “狂草 / Wild Cursive” Hangeng will be in the new Transformers 4 movie, they are currently looking for Chinese extras in the Lansing area, check out more information here!
Crying Nut – “여름 / Summer”
2NE1 – “Falling In Love”

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