Asian Invasion 07/08/2013

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It’s been a year since 2NE1’s last single “I Love You”; now they’re back with a new reggae-inspired single “Falling In Love.” Tonight we’ve also got new music from Korean psychedelic rock band Telefly, punk band Crying Nut, singer-songwriter John Park, and more!

2NE1 – “Falling In Love”
Dynamic Duo – “쌔끈해 / Three Dopeboys (feat. Zion.T)”
John Park – “Baby”
Roy Kim – “할아버지와 카메라 / Grandfather’s Camera”
Dia – “웃어봐 / Try To Smile (feat. MC Jinri)”
K.Will – “Bon Voyage (feat. Beenzino)”
Crying Nut – “땅콩 / Peanut”
Girls Generation – “LOVE&GIRLS”
Lunafly – “Fly To Love”
Lee Hi – “짝사랑 / One-Sided Love”
G.NA – “Love & Slow”
High School Musical Korea (FT Island Jaejin and AOA Choah) – “자유럽게 / Breaking Free”
15& – “Somebody”
Geeks – “어때 / How Are You (feat. Harim)”
Dal Shabet – “내 다리를 봐 / Be Ambitious”
DJ DOC – “나 이런사람이야 / I’m This Kind of Guy”

Mayday – “丟掉名字性別 / OAOA”
Akdong Musician – “I Love You”
Verbal Jint – “비범벅 / Walking In The Rain (feat. Bumkey)”
Smells – “Listen to Your Heart (feat. Neon Bunny)”
Homme – “밥만 잘 먹더라 / I Was Able To Eat Well”
Avec Avec – “Kuzuha no Sunday”
Park Myung Soo – “냉면 / Naengmyun (feat. Jessica)”
Cho Yong Pil – “널 만나면 / If I Meet You”
Loveholic – “Come and See Me”
Kim Tae Chun – “일요일의 패배자들 / Losers on Sunday”
Crying Nut – “Give Me The Money”
Omodaka – “Oshogatsu”
Seo In Young – “Anymore”
Dynamic Duo – “BAAAM (feat. Muzie of UV)”
Telefly – “Cloud”
Roy Kim – “봄봄봄 / Bom Bom Bom”

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