The Basement – 7/4/13

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Thanks all for tuning in and happy 4th of July! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Simien the Whale – Keep On Marching

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys – Tied Down to You

Patchwork – Boring Song

Wavvy Hands – Ceramics

Amateur Anthropologist – You Say That I’m Selfish (Yeah, I Know)

The Fencemen – Rented Rooms

The Crane Wives – New Colors

Jory Stultz – Out A Window

Line of Best Fit – Always Angry

Odd Folk – Sorry I’m Arrogant & Obsessive

Where’s Wolf – Bathsheba

Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts – Them (In These Hands)

Tiger! Tiger! – Minotaur

Lights & Caves – Carry Me Home

Jamaican Queens – Can’t Say No to Annie

Last Night Saved My Life – Nosotros

Doug Mains & the City Folk – Broken Windows

Off the Ledge – Masquerade

Line of Best Fit – Better Than That

Vandalay – Something Else

Basement Shark Attack – John Painter, Our Lord and Saviour

Alco – Poisoning the Well

Brave Bird – The Worst Things Happen to Me

Gifts or Creatures – Phantom Folly

Giveaway – Your Decision

Gratiot Lake Road – Dollar Bay

La Dispute – Bury Your Flame

The Most Dangerous Animal – Living Conditions

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