Asian Invasion 07/01/2013

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Happy July! Tonight we’ve got tons of great new music, including material from Girls Generation, Dynamic Duo, Sistar, 4minute, SHINee, and more!  Superstar K4 winner and total heartthrob Roy Kim kicks off our show tonight with his brand new album Love Love Love!

Roy Kim – “Love Love Love”
IU – “New World”
Verbal Jint – “비범벅 / Walking In The Rain (feat. Bumkey)”
Sistar – “넌 너무 야해 / The Way You Make Me Melt (feat. Geeks)”
SHINee – “Breaking News”
Baek Ah Young – “A Good Boy”
High School Musical Korea – Ryeowook and Luna – “우리의 시작을 / The Start of Something New”
EXO – “3.6.5 (Chinese Version)”
Crayon Pop – “빠빠빠 / Bar Bar Bar”
Dynamic Duo – “BAAAM (feat. Muzie of UV)”
Noh Hong Chul & No Brain – “더위먹은 갈매기 / Hot Weather Seagull”
T-ara N4 – “전원일기 / Countryside Life”
K.Will – “Love Blossom”
Dal Shabet – “내 다리를 봐 / Be Ambitious”
QBS – “風のように (Kaze no Yoni) / Like A Wind”

Wheesung – “너라는 명작 / Masterpiece of You”
4minute – “물 좋아? / Is It Poppin?”
Girls Generation – “リンガ・フランカ / Lingua Franca”
San E – “Big Boy (feat. Bee of Rphabet)”
Kim Ah Joong – “Maria”
Asian Chairshot – “탈춤 / Mask Dance”
Mayday – “恋爱 / Love-ing”
Lee Hyori – “Bad Girls”
Jang Gi Ha and the Faces – “깊은 밤 전화번호부 / Midnight Phonebook”
G-Dragon – “미치GO / MichiGO”
Cho Yong Pil – “Hello (feat. Verbal Jint)”
Ailee – “여인의 향기 / Scent of a Woman”
Geeks – “Getting On You (feat. DJ Dopsh)”
Kim Tae Chun – “악마와 나 / Devil and Me”
Ra.D – “친구을에게 / 2 Homies 2″
Oksang Dalbit – “Goodbye (Remix)”

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